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Thank You for looking at Skortch Color Shift Chameleon color.

The sample picture you see was done with 3 fairly light coats of gunkote clear and our specially formulated high-temp color changing powder.  It can also be used with Cerakote or any other firearms coating that has clear available as an option.


Please be aware of a few facts.

Colors will change and look different depending on many factors:

  1. How many coats you use
  2. The color temperature, angle, and amount of the light that is reflecting
  3. The “Flatter” your clear-coat is, the more color shift effect
  4. The more Gloss, less color shift and more glitter
  5. The base coat color
  6. Though we do out best with descriptions, your color shift gun will look the way you make it look by applying the product.



Skortch has 3 main colors. Gold/Olive/Red.  Please see the photos and video for different angles and lighting. The 2g amount can be added to 4oz of clear, which can do anywhere from 2 to 4 rifles depending on application and size of the gun you are color shifting.

As with all our Color Shift Products, shipping is always FREE.


* 2g of Color Shift Powders are sent ready to add to 4oz of clear.  It may be a tad bit more or less weight wise depending on the weight of the powder and the effectiveness.  More is not better when working with Color Shift Products.