KILLZ Awesome Mechanical 3 blade Broadhead 100gr, 3pk

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This KILLZ Awesome Mechanical 3 blade Broadhead is designed to take your bow hunting game to the next level. 

With a weight of 100 grains and a 2"+ wound channel, this broadhead is perfect for any archery enthusiast. 
The black color and unique model make it stand out from other broadheads on the market. 
 Compatible with compound, recurve, and longbow types, this broadhead is a versatile addition to any archery setup. 
Its 3 blade design ensures a clean and accurate shot every time. 
And with a pack of 3 included, you'll have enough to last you through multiple hunting trips.
The mechanical design makes this tip fly just like your field points. 
Upgrade your archery game with this KILLZ Awesome Mechanical 3 blade Broadhead.

** Broadheads ship BULK PACKED, not in clam shell.  We purchase these in bulk direct from Killz and pass the savings on to you.