Killz Fixed "WICKED" Broadhead 100gr Chisel Tip 3pk

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This fixed broadhead by KILLZ is an excellent choice for bow hunters. 

With a chisel tip and a weight of 100 grains, it delivers a powerful blow to your target. 
With a 1.25" Wound Channel, the wicked just blast clean through your game.
The new sweeping design of the broadhead, has added a revolutionary feature to the fixed blade world.
3 broadheads are included with each order.
The WICKED model is a popular choice among archers and it works well with compound, recurve, and longbows. 
 The black color of the broadhead adds a touch of style to your archery gear. 
This product is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and effective broadhead. 

Use it for your next bow hunting trip and you won't be disappointed.

**** THESE ARE BULKED PACKED, Shipped directly from us.  We buy these without fancy packaging and in bulk to pass the savings on to you.