Q & A


 Can I use a Different base color other than Black?

Yes you sure can!!  Black will almost always give you your best color shift look, but we have plenty of people experimenting every day.

 Can Color Shift be used on other products?

100% it can!  We have some ladies that match their fingernails to their guns.  We have seen many things done in our Color Shift like cars, trucks, epoxy on tables, basically anything you would normally add a clear coat to.

 Can I mix your color pigments to create my own look?

You bet you can.

 Can I use gloss or semi gloss clear?

You can!  Basically the flatter the clear, the better color shift look you get.  As you add gloss, you get more glitter and shine, but may loose some of the actual color shift.

 Is it really as east as dumping the “2g container” of color shift into a 4oz bottle of clear?

Yes it is!  

 How does color shift effect the coating like Cerakote or Gunkote?

Our tests show that it does not in any way effect the durability of any coating you mix it with.

 How long can Color Shift products sit around?

The product in it’s dry form, will have almost an indefinite shelf life as it is kept in a non-humid environment.  Once it is mixed, the shelf life is the expiration of the product you mixed it with.

 Can I mix it directly with a color?

You can!  It will tint the color, but most times not give you any type of color shift effect though.  You can experiment all you want to create colors and effects.

 Do you have any suggestions before I start spraying Color Shift?

SHAKE WELL!  We say a couple minutes after you hear the mixing ball moving.  Some products do not have a mixing ball, in which case you just shake for at least 2 minutes before applying.  

Do not let the spray gun sit around very long once loaded in the spray gun, as product does eventually settle.

If you have multiple parts to your project, assemble as much of it as you can before spraying.  The pigment will lay a certain way when you paint.  You will get a smoother one piece look.

We also suggest you lay down a coat of black even if you start with a black anodized gun.  The blacks are different shades most of the time which will create different color shift looks.

 The color of the powder doesn’t look like the finished product on the website?

This is the case most of the time.  Ignor the color of the powder, and just be amazed at what happens when you lay it down.

 What size nozzle should I use?

For color shift pigments, the standard 1.0 - 1.2 nozzle works just fine.  There is always a learning curve with using any new product but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.  With Glitters we suggest 1.3 - 1.7 size nozzle to spray.  When it comes to strait glitters, many applicators will lay a wet coat of clear on top of whatever color they want, then apply glitter dry, then finish off with and additional coat or 2 of clear.  We sell special shakers if that is the route you want to go, or you can just use your fingers.

Color Shift Me also sells a specially formulated silver glitter that is designed specifically for smaller guns with smaller nozzles that can go as low as .8 size nozzle.