Green Boomslang LIGHTED NOCK 6.2mm - EACH

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  • These nocks are BRIGHT green when they are fired from your bow.
  • For 6.2mm Arrow  - Nocks for 6.2mm Shaft -  Fits most all Arrow Shafts with a 0.244 Inside Diameter.
  • The Nocks will Automatically Light When You Shoot. The Nocks are So Easy to Turn on & off with a simple switch, no tools required.
  • The Boomslang nocks are designed to be as bright as a nock can be with a clear  nocking point for Maximum Light Transmission. Reliable & Durable
  • Piston Driven Contact Switch Ensures Illumination Every Time.
  • Rather than forcing you to buy 3 packs, you can buy as little or as many lighted nocks as you need.
  • Bulk Packed