Color Changing

This is our custom line up of color shift paint additive powder.  It works with both Cerakote and Gunkote clear lines and has a great color shifting look.  It is known by many names including chameleon, color shift, gun candy and other.  As the light changes and moves, so does the color of the gun after it is painted creating a one-of-a-kind look.  Every color has its own look and feel.  The look and feel can also be determined by the person coating the weapon.

To give you an idea, we could have probably done 3 ar15's with just 2 grams of color shift me powder.  If you use less coats or more coats, it will change the “look” of the items you are painting.  Please take time to watch the videos to get a true feel of how these guns look in real world situations, not just a fancy picture taken at the best angle.  We recommend a flat black base for almost all our colors unless otherwise noted.

Looks great on all types of guns like ar15, pistols, shotguns, ak47's, well you get the idea.  It also will work with any paint that has clear like Duracoat, fingernail polish, automotive applications, resin and so much more.  All of our products are made here in the USA by hard working Americans. 

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